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to 5:00PM

Social Media Ultimate Smackdown in Hogtown

event::type Game
: Virtual
About: SMUSH is an ambient social networking game that you play on your iPhone, Blackberry or other web enabled device as you attend Social Media Week events and chat with other attendees. Social media startups (teams) compete for venture capital (points) by recruiting employees and circulating ideas. You can build your company wisely by meeting and "befriending" the right people. Alternatively, you can just blatantly sabotage the competition, which is the more proven road to success. Either way, you'll be making some serious social media magic happen. A company that specializes in recreating Star Trek: TNG episode over Twitter? Yes please. Facebook for dogs? Goldmine. Plus, did I mention there were prizes from Crumpler (crumpler.ca)? Sounds good to me. To sign up and play, mosey on over to smush.ca

: Atmosphere Industries
event::url http://smush.ca