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to 7:00PM

Personal Branding to Compete in the 21st Century Marketplace

event::type Presentation
: Digital Media Zone in the Toronto Life Square (10 Dundas St East, Suite 502, Toronto, ON, Canada)
About: Personal branding is NOT personal marketing. It's not just about a great logo, nice ad layout and different marketing pieces. It's certainly not doing a makeover and relying on the new image to work for the next 5 years - or even 5 months. It's about being able to recognize your unique strengths and skills and ensuring that these differences are maximized to the benefit of the client or customer and your business.

: Paul Copcutt, Professional Brand Strategist
: SIFE Ryerson
event::url http://www.ryerson.ca/dmz
event::seats 30
Digital Media Zone
: Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Freelancers, Students
: personal branding, online strategy, personal brand awareness